Lost and Found

This is a free service. We will accept phone calls. For best results, call as soon as possible after losing your item. We appreciate your called to let us know when you have found your item, so we can take it off the list. Just call 652-9500 

Lost:  A set of keys...lost in town possibly near Ellis Street.  There is a Phillys-Steelers keyring and a keyring that says “I love you.”  If found please call 460-1034.

Found:  A car key on a key fob...found May 7th at Nebo Car Wash.  Can be claimed at WBRM.

Lost:  A black, male, lab.  His right eye is injured.  Lost near Moffitt Hill Road.  If seen, please call 320-282-5547.

Lost:  A chocolate lab dog in Nebo.  He has white markings, his name is “Chocolate” and he is lost in the Deer Park Resort.  If seen, please call 269-6374.

Found:  A current Visa credit card, in the parking lot of WBRM.  Call to identify and claim.  652-9500

Anyone missing dogs from anywhere in the county, please call the animal shelter.  They have many dogs that have been turned in as strays.  Please call 652-6643